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Boundaries + Consent

Good boundary and consent practices protect us in all walks of life. During cuddling sessions, they allow us to have a more safe and enjoyable experience.

Boundaries are the personal limits we set on what we feel comfortable with during interactions with others. It allows us to have more meaningful and respectful relations. At Irish Nurture we use subjective and objective boundaries.

Objective boundaries represent a solid fencing of what activities and behaviours are acceptable. Our objective boundaries are found in the Code of Conduct.

Subjective boundaries represent those activities we may feel ok with sometimes and not others. By expressing clearly what you define as your boundaries gives you the power to enforce your personal responsibilities.

During a cuddling session, both the practitioner and the client can decline to participate in any activity without having to give a reason. This allows trust and authenticity to build in a mutual relationship.

If at anytime you do want to stop or switch up, all you have to say is "I'm not comfortable with that." There is no judgement or shame in declaring this, it is just information that helps find what is comfortable.

Consent is how we express what is ok or not ok for us, usually expressed as simply "Yes, that's ok," or "No, that's not ok."

It is important in cuddling sessions to ask for consent before beginning a new activity. It is everyones right to say 'no' do anything they don't like.

Hearing a 'no' is this context is not a rejection, rather it is a person being true to their own boundaries. Professional cuddlers will always be open and honest about what they allow, out of respect to themselves, and to show clients that it's ok to speak up.

At Irish Nurture, we want you to celebrate and honour yourself so that you never have to worry about, or second-guess what happens during a session.

Happy Cuddling!


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