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Frequently asked questions

I’ve never done something like this before; what is the right way to Cuddle?

That can look entirely different for each session. People are unique and have their own preferences. Some like to talk, some don’t. Some like a lot of physical contact, some like a little. Sometimes we feel lively and playful, sometimes we feel quiet and introspective. There are a gazillion right ways to cuddle! As long as you are following the code of conduct and respecting your Cuddlist practitioner’s boundaries, you are doing it right. Half of the fun is in discovering what is right for YOU. We hope you will leave feeling more relaxed, better about yourself and more confident about communicating your own needs while respecting the needs of others. Have fun!

Is anyone welcome to become a client?

Anyone is welcome to become a client who is the legal age of consent and is willing and able to abide by the code of conduct.

What is your cancellation policy?

After the first session, cancellations within 24hrs of individual sessions are charged at £30 before the next session can be booked. Sessions cancelled within 24 hours of three or six session packages will NOT carry over. Any session ended early must still be paid in full.

What is your privacy policy?

Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share client information or identity with anyone other than practitioners. Confidentiality is part of our code of conduct for all practitioners.

Is there a client agreement?

All clients must agree to our terms of agreement as detailed, Code of Conduct, and the Opening Agreement.

How is payment handled?

Payment is handled directly with your practitioner through clear arrangements made with them prior to your session. Click here for your free consultation.

Where can I arrange to Cuddle?

It is recommended to have sessions at our dedicated salon located in Belfast, however we also offer Home Visits through our mobile service.

What clothing should I wear for my session?

Please wear something that you are comfortable in. Pajama bottoms and sweatshirts are popular cuddle wear. A minimum of shorts and a t-shirt is required for both practitioner and client.

What’s okay, not okay to talk about during a cuddle session?

Compassionate listening can be a wonderful part of a cuddle session. Cuddling can also be a wonderful place to not have to talk and to enjoy comfortable silence with another. How much you talk and what you talk about is entirely up to the two of you.
Your practitioner is not a counselor or coach, and even if they are in other parts of their life, that is not part of a cuddle session. They will be happy to listen and be honest with you about how much is too much for them in terms of what you share. Everything is confidential unless you share any information of an illegal nature or the intention to do harm.

Do we have to only cuddle?

Cuddling takes many forms. Be creative! As long as you are abiding by the code of conduct it is allowed. Sometimes it looks like massages, playing games, dancing, singing, having a meal, reading aloud to one another, eye gazing, etc. Click here for some more ideas!

What training do your Cuddlists receive?

Our practitioners complete Cuddlist.com in-person or online orientation training course with ongoing mentorship and support as they continue to grow into their practice. If possible, they are expected to attend at least one Cuddle Party workshop, and are encouraged to continue to improve their self awareness and communication skills. We are not able to make any promises or guarantees about the quality of your cuddle experience.

What is your policy regarding hygiene?

Be respectful and considerate. Please report and practitioners with inappropriate personal hygiene directly to us or Cuddlist.com and we will address the matter with them.

What if I become uncomfortable or want to stop?

If you become uncomfortable in any way at any time, please say so. Stop whatever is causing discomfort and adjust accordingly. Please do not wait until your discomfort is large, do this at the first hint of it. Professional cuddling is consent based and your practitioners WANT you to speak up! This is the perfect place to practice using your voice. This is your session and none of it needs to feel any less than good! If you would like to end your session early for any reason simply let your practitioner know.

Do I have to tip?

Tipping is entirely up to you. It is always appreciated and never expected.

What happens if I become aroused during a session?

Arousal is a healthy human response to all kinds of things including touch. It is not a problem in a platonic session. The important thing is that neither client or practitioner respond to it in a manner intended to increase arousal. It can be acknowledged or not and simply allowed to come and go without taking focus.

Do you have safety guidelines for COVID-19?

Unfortauntely since one-on-one cuddling now entails some potential risk, we cannot guarantee total safety, and thus respect client personal responsibility in choosing to attend a session. Due to new guidelines, we are working our hardest to offer our service to the highest possible degree of safety. As such, we have introduced the following safety measures: - Sessions will be limited to one hour. - You will be asked to use hand-sanitiser/wash hands upon arrival and leaving. - You may wear a mask as you prefer. - All touchable surfaces are cleaned and sanitised before and after each session. All sheets/pillows/towels etc are washed and replaced between sessions. - Please bathe and wear freshly clean clothes the day of your session. - No direct face-to-face cuddling, or face touching. Face to shoulders and chest is ok. - You are requested to contact the salon if you develop symptoms so we can contact other clients who may therefore be at risk. - Please do not come to an appointment if you have been in an area of high COVID-19 infection over the last two weeks. - We will only be open on Tuesday and Friday for now. This gives us the best chance to clear the salon and reduce risk factors. - If you have ANY symptoms related to COVID-19, DO NOT come to the session. If symptoms appear within 24 hours of an appointment, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. - Our Home Visit service remains suspended, aside for exceptional circumstances (please contact us). - Appointments are limited to Tuesday and Friday to allow for adequate cleaning and airing out time. We are sorry for the extra impositions, however the safety of clients and pracitioners is paramount. We know that access to nurturing, platonic touch can be an issue of essential personal safety to some, and we are determined to continue to offer this service. Unfortunately, close cuddling now comes with an element of potential risk, therefore we trust our clients to make the choices that are right for them. Our salon itself remains unchanged as a relaxed space to come cuddle and recharge! Our goal is to make cuddling accessible and affordable. The price of a cuddle session will remain at £60 per hour. We are still offering our saver deals, however due to the current limit on appointment times there may be a longer wait between sessions.

Why do I have to pay before a session?

As sessions are limited, we ask clients to pay for an appointment no later than 24hrs before the appointment. This ensures that all clients have fair and equal access to the service. Appointments can be cancelled without a fee with at least 24 hours notice. Details for payment will be included in your appointment confirmation e-mail. We recognise this is not ideal, however we have found this offers extra security for people who may be anxious about attending for the first time.

Why are sessions so expensive?

Professional Cuddling is a bespoke service, providing intimate platonic touch in a way that isn't offered anywhere else. Our practitioners put all their energy into meeting the needs of clients, meaning we can only offer a few sessions per day to ensure we can give you our all. Many forms of bespoke therapy sometimes charge up to three times the price for a service that offers no access to touch at all. At Irish Nurture, we endeavour to provide a form of focused special attention to clients that most people rarely get to experience in any aspect of their life.