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 Closed Summer 2023! See our Latest Updates.

Summer 2022 Update

While our old COVID rules are no longer in effect, we still want to be accommodating to customers of all different needs. If you need extra support or additional safety protocols in place for your own health and well-being, please let us know during consultation, and we will do all we can to create a safe, inclusive experience.

Old COVID-19 Rules

It is important to us to create a safe and welcome environment for all. In light of current guidelines, we ask you consider the following rules -

  • Sessions will be limited to one hour.

  • You may be asked to wash hands/use hand-sanitiser upon arrival.

  • You may wear a mask as you prefer.

  • All touchable surfaces are cleaned and sanitised before and after each session. All sheets/pillows/towels etc are washed and replaced between sessions.

  • Please bathe and wear freshly clean clothes the day of your session.

  • No direct face-to-face cuddling, or face touching. Face to shoulders and chest is ok.

  • You are requested to contact the salon if you develop symptoms so we can contact other clients who may therefore be at risk.

  • If you have ANY symptoms related to COVID-19, DO NOT come to the session. If symptoms appear within 24 hours of an appointment, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

  • Our Home Visit service remains suspended, aside for exceptional circumstances (please contact us).

If you have an questions or concerns, please see our FAQ, or feel free to contact us.

We know that access to nurturing, platonic touch can be an issue of essential personal safety to some, and we are determined to continue to offer this service. Unfortunately, close cuddling now comes with an element of potential risk, therefore we trust our clients to make the choices that are right for them. For those who wish to connect from home, we are continuing our FREE Connection Service.

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